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“I am a practicing doctor in the Los Angeles area. I have known Ivy Halford professionally for the past twenty years. During this period, I have referred countless patients to her. Among these patients are many high profile members of the Hollywood industry. Such patients are extremely selective and well researched in the field of dermatology. Most of my patients knew more about skin care than I did. In every case, patients that I referred to Ivy returned to me stating that Ivy was the best esthetician that they had ever been exposed to. With that kind of response, I am confident that any person within her care will only be pleased with the results. In addition to being skilled, Ivy is a warm and compassionate individual. It has been a great pleasure to watch the positive impact she has had on my patients”
– Dr. John E. Hertz, D.Z., Center for Spinal Diagnostics, Inc/Los Angeles.


Ivy Halford, a trailblazer since 1977 in the Health, Wellness and Beauty Industry,
is bringing her outstanding experience in clinical skincare
—welcoming all people, all ages, all skin types.

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